Welcome to DataCup's Team Niger

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Who are they and what are reasons for them coming in France ? Learn it all about the Team Niger 
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Our three new friends, Yaye Ousmane Soumaila, Hassia Aboubacar and Mahamadou Tchiffa from the Niger region proved their interest in the DataCup project during a training given by Mind & Go at ANSI*.After several exchanges, they were selected to participate in 70 days of training within our company to become DataCup project leaders in Niger.

Our approach? Participate in skills transfer by training in the manufacturing, marketing and maintenance processes of the DataCup and support the local economic development of companies.

*National Agency for Information Society

Yaye Ousmane Soumaila

Enriched by multiple professional experiences, Yaye has a background in electrical engineering with an option in electronics and telecommunication. He particularly likes to be among people who share the same spirit of innovation. Sensitive to the problems of training in the agricultural and educational fields, he hopes to participate in the major change of Niger and our planet. His passions? The field of information technology and Aikido.

Simple, funny and helpful, Yaye shares her good mood and optimism on a daily basis. His greatest wish? To have an international career that will allow him to travel to discover new technologies.

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Hassia Aboubacar Tchoutchana

Hassia is determined to make a difference. Coming from a civil engineering background, she pursued her passions by enrolling in the first web development school, Code Loccol, in Niger and became a computer programming specialist. These last 5 years, she has seen the problems of rural areas regarding sectors such as education, health or agriculture. This gave her the desire to facilitate access to primary development.

Between her taste for walking and reading, Hassia advocates the sharing of knowledge and human relations. Her commitments? To encourage women and young people to go into the digital and technology fields. 

Mahamadou Tchiffa

Passionate about computer development and the world of design, Mahamadou trained in sustainable energy systems and acquired knowledge in computer programming during his time at the Cité de l'Innovation in Niamey. He is founding member of ADM , promoting digital inclusion of young people and project manager. 

Perseverance and innovation are in line with his desire to become a major player in digital and energy in Niger. His pride? The "TIC in Village" project financed by
Plan International Niger, consisting of popularizing digital education in rural areas. 

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All three are sensitive to the difficulties of access to digital content in rural areas and are now dedicated to the DataCup project with the profound desire to change things in today's society.