1. What is the DataCup ?

The​ DataCup is an innovative solution for storing and distributing digital content in regions with little or no Internet access, and where electricity is unstable or expensive.

2. How does the PowerCup work ?

The​ PowerCup is a solar energy solution designed to power the DataCup and other devices. It guarantees continuous power supply in areas where electricity is difficult to access.

3. What fields can DataCup be used in?

The DataCup is versatile. For example, it has supported the dissemination of essential agricultural information for farmers in Niger via the project Duddal. But it's also suitable for education, IoT, and various local sustainable development initiatives.

4. How does the DataCup support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ?

DataCup aligns its cooperation and development projects with several Sustainable Development Goals. Each initiative aims to have a positive and lasting impact on local communities.

5. In which countries does DataCup mainly operate?

At the moment, DataCup is present in Africa, but our vision is global: it can be deployed in other regions of the world with similar needs.

6. Does DataCup collaborate with other organizations or companies?

Yes, DataCup is open to strategic partnerships and has already collaborated with various institutions and organizations to maximize the impact of its solutions.

7. How can I get more information or a demo of the DataCup?

For a demonstration or further information, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form on the website or directly by email at contact (at) datacup.io.

8. Is DataCup currently hiring?

Yes, we're always looking for talented people to join our team. Visit our hiring page to see available positions and apply.

9. How is content updated on the DataCup?

The DataCup is designed for easy content updating thanks to our online plateform. Based on your needs and project specifications, we provide tools and training sessions to ensure that content remains up-to-date and relevant to your users.

10. Does the DataCup require special training to be operated?

​No, the DataCup is designed to be intuitive. However, we do offer training to help users maximize the benefits of our solution and to ensure that they use all its features effectively.

11. Is the DataCup resistant to harsh outdoor conditions?

Yes, the DataCup is designed to operate in harsh environments and has been tested in dusty, hot and humid climates.

12. How does the PowerCup recharge the DataCup battery?

The PowerCup uses solar energy to recharge itself. It is equipped with a solar panel and is designed to guarantee a continuous power supply to the DataCup.

13. What kind of content can be stored and distributed via DataCup?

The DataCup can store and distribute a wide range of digital content, from texts and PDFs to videos, music and applications. All content available on the DataCup is copyleft.

14. How can I become a DataCup distributor?

If you are interested in distributing DataCup and our other products and services, please contact us directly via our contact form or by email to discuss opportunities.

15. How can I become a DataCup manufacturer?

If you are interested in manufacturing the DataCup and our other products, please contact us directly via our contact form or by email to discuss opportunities.