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The choice of content in your DataCup is yours! 

You can not only integrate your own content, but also use our database of over 3,000 pieces of content available in several languages via our online platform.

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Use our database of over 3,000 contents available in several languages


Integrate any additional royalty-free or openly licensed content of your choice

Your Own

Integrate your own content (university theses, explanatory videos, Moodle courses, dedicated applications that run on Linux, etc.)

DataCup resources are accessible and their display optimized for any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.)..

Despite the low level of internet connection in emerging countries, a surprisingly high number of young people have smartphones and can therefore easily access the resources available on DataCup.

Source : Pew Research Center

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We've designed our offline platform to be easy to use and to make the user experience seamless.

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​High added-value digital resources

The content available on DataCup is free of copyright. Our team constantly researches, rigorously selects, checks and categorizes new content: our criteria are strict in order to distribute high-impact, quality content. Our partners also contribute to the enrichment of this database by sharing their content under open license.

At its General Conference in 2019, UNESCO adopted the Recommendation on Open Educational Resources. It is the first international reference tool in this field. 

Open Educational Resources

Here is an example of the educational resources available:

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