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How can we give access to knowledge to people who are left behind when it comes to technology?

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You want to broadcast digital ressources to your beneficiaries facing these challenges:

Lack of internet access

2.9 billion people worldwide have never had access to the Internet (Source: Facts & Figures 2021 report). If your users don't have an Internet connection, or if it's very expensive, it's difficult, if not impossible, for them to access digital resources that are crucial to their education, their job, their rights or their health.

Unstable power grid

940 million people worldwide have no access to electricity (Source: Energy Access by OurWorldInData). And that's not counting the millions who face daily power cuts.  

Extreme climate

IT equipment is quickly damaged in tropical and desert climates: high temperatures, humidity and dust.

The DataCup, designed and assembled in France, was born from our reflections on these issues:

Stand-Alone Robust 

The DataCup has been designed to meet the challenges of electrical autonomy, robustness (climate) and mobility (remote areas).



The DataCup allows access to all preloaded content without an Internet connection. Add our​ high-value content and include yours. 

It offers intuitive navigation accessible to all.

Discover how it works

Easy to Operate

  • Start-up can be performed by anyone (no advanced computer skills required) 
  • Intuitive navigation system
  • Easy parameter setting


  • Millions of resources available at any time
  • Easy access (no password) with a simple web browser
  • Free, powerful offline connection
  • Optimized display for any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.)
  • Royalty-free digital resources
  • 7-hour electric runtime with built-in battery 
  • Can be connected to PowerCup for extended autonomy
  • Tropicalized (resistant to humidity and high temperatures)
  • Simplified repair and maintenance


  • Latest-generation nano-computer
  • Extremely resistant Valchromat® case
  • SSD storage space from 250GB to 8TB
  • 2 WiFi access points (up to 80 simultaneous connections)
  • With cooling system
  • Ethernet connector
  • With our without GSM/3G/4G/5G/GPRS
  • With or without GP
  • With or without IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Powered by a high-performance battery sold worldwide (not supplied*)


internal cooling system

2 ventilators 60x15

1 ou 2 USB 2 connector(s)

GSM antenna

HDMI micro connector

RJ45 1Gb connector

RPi4 + electronic power management 
and battery recharging + GSM 3G/4G card

BNC connector for LoRaWAN antenna

Case in Valchromat medium

Cooling tunnel

2 Wifi access points

External 15V 6A power supply connector

Storage SSD M.2 USB3

7Ah lead battery or LMDE A3+ battery

Ic880A LoRaWAN gateway 
+ LoRa server on RPi Zero


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