Where does DataCup come from?

Back in 2016: nearly 250,000 people fled the violent attacks orchestrated by Boko Haram and took refuge in the camps Diffa and Tillabéri refugee camps in Niger.

The Unied Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was looking for a solution to provide these people with media content from their home countries. Local constraints include a lack of internet connection and computer skills, and an unstable electricity network.

​For several years already, Mind & Go has been investing in R&D to develop innovations in this approach. And so DataCup was born. Thanks to our CII accreditation, which testifies to our ability to turn a prototype into reality, UNHCR trusts us to collaborate on this project.

This partnership with UNHCR has enabled us to launch our first DataCup pilot project in the field. 

A few months later, 2 DataCups were deployed on site. The resources on the DataCups can be accessed by various means, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc... Despite the low level of Internet connectivity, a surprisingly high number of young people have smartphones, and UNHCR has also supplied laptops and tablets to the refugees.

Serving audiences far removed from technology and content

Reflect with them on the concrete problems they face

Facing up to these challenges

That's what DataCup is all about!

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