For several years now, DataCup has been involved in numerous projects in the field. These achievements are the fruit of partnerships that continue to develop, particularly in Africa, while others are emerging around the world

Together, this human adventure will extend beyond the oceans. DataCup supports its partners in the field, with the aim of setting up local development projects and passing on knowledge.

BMCE Bank Foundation

The French Institute of Morocco has generously donated 4 DataCups to the network schools built by the BMCE Bank Foundation. Our project manager and trainer went to the schools for 2 days of training and support in the use of the DataCups for teachers.

présentation des malibox à l'institut français du Mali


DataCup equips the French Institute in Mali: over 2,800 resources are now available for setting up art workshops with young people.


DataCup is partnering the Duddal project to help train farmers in Niger.

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SOS Village d'Enfants

DataCup helps enrich digital learning for children in Niger.

As Salam

DataCup equips the AS Salam school in Burkina Faso to support training.


DataCup reaches out to rural populations in Morocco to promote cultural activities.

Our past projects

Find out more about our previous projects!

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Do you have a project where our collaboration could make sense? We'd love to hear from you!

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