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Our online platform has been specially designed to meet all your DataCup management needs. 

Our collection of 2,500 resources is carefully selected to meet the needs of a varied audience, from young people to students and adults.


You can view the storage level of your DataCup: a color code tells you at a glance whether your storage disk is empty, full or partially filled.


Filters can be used to sort all content according to different criteria: categories, themes, development objectives, file types, etc...


Find what you're looking for in no time! The search field lets you perform semantic keyword searches to find compilations, catalogs and resources to load onto your DataCup.

Download and buy content

With our content catalog, you have access to a world of information, learning and entertainment. Immerse yourself in the timeless knowledge of encyclopedias, explore imaginary worlds through captivating books and tales, or be inspired by thought-provoking podcasts, videos and documentaries.