Rural Population

1 DataCup

DataCup on board the 

Bibliotobiss !

Bibliotobiss is an itinerant bus that travels the regions of Morocco. The aim? To provide access to culture for rural populations who are deprived of it. The bus organizes sports, reading and digital workshops, and the DataCup is also part of the trip! 

Available inside Bibliotobiss, the DataCup provides access to content in French and Arabic, as well as to local Moroccan resources (stories, videos, language courses, etc.). 

It's departure time

The first stop on the Bibliotobiss journey was Salé, Morocco. Accompanied by the DataCup, the bus operates all year round. It stops for three to four weeks in each of the Kingdom's regions, facilitating cultural education and mediation for young audiences.

 Nous remercions l'Institut Français du Maroc pour sa confiance.

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